A Message from PBS

The Princeton Battlefield Society is asking you to support its efforts to prevent the loss of a valuable state employee due to the State’s inaction on his long-standing appointment to the Princeton Battlefield State Park.

For 50 years the Princeton Battlefield Society has worked as a volunteer, community organization to preserve, protect, and promote the site of the significant January 3, 1777 Revolutionary War battle. We take seriously our role and responsibilities as the site’s Officially Recognized Friends Organization. Now, as we begin to celebrate our 50th anniversary, the Princeton Battlefield faces another challenge. We are on the verge of losing a highly qualified, respected, and proven historic educator because the State continues to designate him as a temporary, seasonal employee. We believe this failure will result in the deterioration of needed leadership at the Princeton Battlefield State Park. As the “Crossroads of the American Revolution,” New Jersey is planning for the nation’s upcoming 250th Anniversary. Playing a vital role in this celebration, Princeton Battlefield needs the right individual in place who will make this a special event for everyone involved.

In 2018, the “Resource Interpretive Specialist” of 30-plus years retired and a part-time, seasonal staff member, Will Krakower, was appointed in his place. Now, going on three years, Will remains a seasonal, temporary State employee. After meeting State requirements, Will’s rank on the Civil Service list is due to expire in less than three months. An exceedingly qualified candidate waiting three years for a vacant full-time state position to open up is inexcusable.

Will Krakower has more than proven his worth to the Princeton Battlefield State Park. His attitude, historic knowledge, eagerness to improve the Park, enthusiastic and well-appreciated dealings with the public, and outstanding support of our voluntary efforts have been well-documented in less than 3 years. We respect his leadership as the Park’s Resource Interpretive Specialist and on-site manager and acknowledge his support of our efforts to preserve, protect, and promote the Park and the historic Thomas Clarke House.

Our goal is to work with the State to make Will Krakower, or such other person with comparable qualities, a full-time employee for the important position as the State’s Resource Interpretive Specialist at Princeton Battlefield State Park. The legacy of the Princeton Battlefield deserves in its full-time position an experienced and knowledgeable interpreter like Will Krakower. We have been more than patient and empty promises from the state will not be satisfactory. It is time for the State to act and fulfill its responsibilities to its people.

We remain as ready as ever to continue our cooperative work on behalf of the Princeton Battlefield State Park.


The Princeton Battlefield State Park needs your voice and support in having the current temporary, seasonal staff member appointed as a full time employee.  We have waited for over three years, and are about to lose a valuable resource in preserving, protecting, and promoting this historic site.  Your voice, as an individual or representative of an organization, has to reach New Jersey's Governor by email or written letter.

Please go to: 

https://nj.gov/cgi-bin/governor/govmail/govmail-56_s1.pl?selected=Labor  or write to Governor Phil Murphy, P. O. Box 001, Trenton, NJ 08625.

You can write your personal message or use this message:

 MESSAGE:           The State made a commitment to hire a full-time employee at the Park three years ago.  But it never happened.  The current employee remains temporary, seasonal and with limited hours, even though he was vetted and approved for the full time position.  In limbo for three years! In this time, he has demonstrated his leadership, professionalism, and knowledge of the Clarke House, the Battle and Battlefield, all of which he enthusiastically shares with visitors.  He is an outstanding representative for New Jersey’s history and our 250thcelebration.  Whether it is him or some else as qualified as him, the Princeton Battlefield State Park needs someone who is full-time, qualified, and an enthusiastic historical interpreter.  Governor, please make it happen.