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Ray Trepkau

I attended the Battle of Princeton in 'Real Time' in 2017 and I thought it was a great time and a great event.






Marvin & Pat Hartpence

We will always remember this special place where we began our wonderful life together on November 6, 1982.  The setting was perfect - a carpet of golden leaves surrounding a beautiful memorial to the important happenings that gave rise to our country.





Tom Kane

My first visit to Princeton Battlefield is an abiding memory. I waited anxiously near the
Clarke House on a boiling hot July 4 th I 1975 in my just-completed, hand-sewn reenactor uniform armed with my also just-completed, hand-assembled Brown Bess to see if we could take the field. Then the good news: our reenactor leader, who also worked for the NJ Bicentennial Commission, arrived with special  permission to discharge firearms in Princeton! On with the show!

Charles Evered

So many memories. Taking my kids Margaret and John and our dog Wyatt to the beautiful field---and instilling in them what a privilege it was to live in a town with such a great history, and near such a great place. Washington's charge, inspiring his troops, saving the day. The vision of him on his white horse. The brave Hugh Mercer, falling, then days later, dying in service of his adopted country. The basic values of citizenship. What a great country and history we have. Princeton Battlefield is a special place. We must always preserve it, and always remember.




Adam Cleff

I lived in Princeton from about 1965-1975. I remember learning about the battle and battlefield from a school tour of Nassau Hall. I learned about General Mercer dying of his wounds as he lay against a tree on the battlefield from a paper placemat at a local diner. I used to meet other teenagers on the battlefield some nights.  It is a beautiful place and memory.

Dr. Teena Cahill

I first moved to Princeton as a young woman in the 1970s. I can still remember my excitement when I first learned about the importance of Princeton in our American history. But due to my husband changing jobs I moved away for many years. When I returned I realized Princeton’s history was alive and being celebrated. I love the job of feeling part of a community that celebrates America’s history and Princeton’s important role, especially at the battle. Sometimes I like to pretend I am walking where our founders walked and at every step, I thank them.

Dan O'Connell

Used to drive by the battlefield when I worked in Princeton. Remember seeing the Mercer Oak before its demise. Wonderful living so close to historical sites like this. Thank you for all you do and are doing.