Thank You to Our Partners!

The Princeton Battlefield Society is grateful to our sponsors and partners for contributing to our mission of preserving, protecting, and enhancing the the historic grounds on, and around, the Battle of Princeton was fought on January 3rd, 1777.

Partnership opportunities, for your consideration

The Princeton Battlefield Society welcomes companies and partners to support, preserve and protect the historic resources at the Princeton Battlefield and the American Revolutionary War Heritage this site recognizes.  We offer companies and organizations opportunities to expand their involvement and friendship with the Princeton Battlefield Society through donations to specifically support major projects and initiatives. We would be delighted to discuss the volunteer involvement of your employees or members in the work of the society.  You might also consider one of the following choices to further partner with us in any project and initiative which is important to you and to the mission of the Princeton Battlefield Society.  If you would like to discuss these, or other opportunities, please contact Bill Marsch, 609-558-5977

Donate to the General Operations Fund to support the overall efforts of the Society on behalf of the Battle of Princeton and the Princeton Battlefield State Park.  Your donation will be used in a manner best suited by the board of the PBS to help us guarantee that this special American historic site is protected, preserved and promoted.

Save the Thomas Clarke House – To provide financial resources to repair and restore the only structure at the Park that was an eyewitness to the Battle.

Sponsorship of Community Events and Educational Program Fund – To assist with the expenses of planning and staging four annual events at the Park and other community activities.

Please tell us a bit more about your goals for your donation

Donation Description

Your support of our mission is most appreciated by the Society and by the thousands of families, reenactors, students, historians, and neighbors who come to the Park to take advantage of its historic and recreational opportunities.  The Princeton Battlefield Society (PBS) is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, and the Officially Recognized Friends Organization (ORFO) of Princeton Battlefield State Park.  It’s mission is to promote, interpret, conserve and protect Princeton Battlefield State Park and areas of the battlefield outside the Park.  The Park is administered by the State of New Jersey, Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Parks and Forestry, State Park Service, for the people of New Jersey and other visitors.

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