Eyewitness of the American Revolution

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There were many famous eyewitnesses to the American Revolution.  How many of their stories have you heard?  We're going to explore18 eyewitnesses to this important time of our country's history.  Maybe there are some you already know, and some you may be surprised by, but all of their stories are interesting and we are sure you will enjoy each one!  So join us on this exciting journey as we review 18 eyewitnesses to the American Revolution!

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Click on the arrows or black dots to scroll through the 18 eyewitnesses.  Click any image to view the eyewitness story in a printable PDF format.

Lieutenant Simon Wilmont

British 16th Light Dragoon Regiment

Sergeant Nathaniel Root

20th Continental Regiment


Slave of the Clarke family

Brigadier General Hugh Mercer

Brigade Commander in Greene's Division

Captain William Leslie

17th Regiment of Foot

Captain William Shippin

Pennsylvania Marine

Colonel John Haslet

1st Delaware Regiment

Lieutenant Colonel Charles Mahwood

17th Regiment of Foot

Ann Clarke

Wife of William Clarke

Major John Kelly

Northumberland County Militia

Captain-Lieutenent John McPherson

17th Regiment of Foot


Dr. Bainbridge's enslaved man

Captain Joseph Moulder

Philadelphia Associator artillery

John Hood

3rd Battalion of Philadelphia Associators

Ensign George Inman

17th Regiment of Foot

Joseph Clark

College of New Jersey student - militiaman

Charles Willson Peale

Philadelphia Associator

Dr. Benjamin Rush

Continental Army Medical Officer